Best Practices for Driving in the Snow

driving in the snowForget “winter is coming.” Winter is here. And along with the joys of the first snow, spending time with your family, and giving amazing gifts to loved ones comes one of the worst things about the colder months: driving in the snow. Perhaps you’re an old pro, but if you’re a new or nervous driver, tackling snowy roads can be a real nightmare. At Jim Harte Nissan, we’ve put together these tips to help you learn the best practices for driving in the snow.

  1. Slow down! You might like to drive like a bat out of hell in nice weather (although we don’t recommend that ever), but in the snow you really need to relax and take it easy. Your stopping distance is greater on snowy or icy roads, and the faster you go, the longer it’ll take you to stop, making an accident much more likely.
  2. Be visible. Even if you can see just fine, turn on your headlights when it’s snowing. You want to make sure that oncoming traffic sees you well before they pass you. A good rule of thumb is to turn your headlights on whenever your windshield wipers are on—that goes for rain as well as snow.
  3. Stay behind snow plows. Snow plow drivers have limited visibility as it is, and you passing them and spraying ice or snow onto their windshields can make it even worse. Additionally, the road is likely to be in much worse condition ahead of the snow plow than behind. Stay back, and keep your distance.
  4. Brake correctly. Drivers whose cars have standard brakes should pump them gently when they want to come to a stop. If your car has anti-lock brakes (and most modern cars do), apply steady pressure to the brakes instead. No matter which types of brakes you have, always start braking well in advance of where you plan on stopping.
  5. Be prepared. If disaster strikes and your car breaks down in inclement weather, you’ll want to be fully prepared. Before heading out in snowy weather, make sure you’ve packed an emergency kit containing a shovel, a flashlight, energy bars, water, a blanket, socks, hats, mittens, and a first-aid kit. If there’s anything else you can think of that you’d need in an emergency while driving in the snow, make sure that’s packed too.

From all of us here at Jim Harte Nissan, we wish you a safe and warm winter, and we hope our tips for driving in the snow will prove useful in the coming months.

Nissan Canadian Sales Surpass 100,000

Here at Jim Harte Nissan, we love to celebrate achievements for our brand, and on November 13th, 2014, a new achievement was reached: 100,000 Nissan Canadian sales. This number was reached in just over 10 months, and makes Nissan the fastest-growing automotive company in Canada.


The Nissan Group achieved this with specific marketing tailored especially for Canadians, as well as support from their dealers and a very strong product line, designed specifically for Canada. This “represents a 27% year-over increase.”

Cars such as the Nissan LEAF did especially well, with sales up by 122%. 918 Canadians chose zero-emissions this year. However the Nissan Rogue crossover took the cake this year as the top-selling product from Nissan. 24,359 Rogues were sold to Canadians this year, a 76% increase from last year’s numbers.


The Versa Note, as well as the new Nissan Micra also did exceptionally well, growing Nissan in the subcompact niche by 76%.


Jim Harte Nissan would like to congratulate the Nissan Group and help to make Nissan as beloved in America as it is in Canada.

Nissan Premieres Wounded Warrior Project Film Based in Alaskan Wilderness

Last week, Nissan paid a special tribute to the United States Armed Forces and veterans everywhere by releasing a brand new Wounded Warrior Project Film. The short movie titled “Project Titan” follows two Wounded Warrior Project alumni, David Guzman and Kevin McMahon, as they travel through the Alaskan wilderness in a Nissan Titan. This adventure is part of Nissan’s Project Titan, which asked consumers to help build the perfect truck for this adventure.

“When David Guzman and Kevin McMahon set out on this adventure, it was our goal to capture the excitement in a way that would truly represent the enthusiastic spirit of these American heroes alongside one of the toughest trucks on the planet,” said Fred Diaz, US senior vice president of Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations. “After months of preparation and diligent work, we’ve done just that in the form of this episode. We’re ecstatic to have the opportunity to launch this on Veterans Day as a way to thank and honor Kevin and David, who serve as outstanding representatives for all Wounded Warrior Project Alumni.”

The film is available now on Hulu, XBOX Live, and the Nissan YouTube channel. It also aired on the History2 Channel on November 11th in honor of Veterans Day. Guzman and McMahon made it through harsh weather conditions, difficult terrain, and a variety of obstacles throughout the adventure in the specially-equipped Titan.

If you are hoping to create the perfect Nissan Titan for your own adventure, make sure you stop in to Jim Harte Nissan today to see what options are available!

How to Plan Thanksgiving Dinner

how to plan Thanksgiving dinnerNovember is upon us, which means if you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, it is time to start planning. If this is your first time, you might be wondering how to go about all this. To help you out, here are some simple steps on how to plan Thanksgiving dinner.

Think about past Thanksgiving dinners. What were some of your favorite dishes? Start from there and write down everything you would like to prepare. Than, start filling in the gaps or possibly replacing old dishes with new variations. Pinterest is a great place to find new food to make—it’s also a great place to somehow lose hours of your day.

You also need to know how many people will be descending upon your dining room on Thanksgiving. You definitely want enough food to keep everyone more than satisfied. A great way to make Thanksgiving cooking easier is to ask your friends and family for help. Consult them on what they would like to bring or delegate a recipe.

With as much food as Thanksgiving brings, there is no way you can cook it all in one day. The key to having a successful and delicious Thanksgiving is to start preparing the food as much as two weeks ahead of time—that’s November 13th this year.

Some foods you can prepare early and freeze, and once thawed, they will taste just as delicious as if they were baked fresh. These include things like cheesecake and pie crust.

For a full step-by-step timeline of when to prepare what for Thanksgiving, check out this great list from What’s Cooking America.

Here at Jim Harte Nissan, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Share your favorite Thanksgiving dish with us in the comments below!

Kicking the Party Into Gear: Nissan Kicks Concept at the Sao Paulo Motor Show

Unlike many of the other auto shows going on during this season, the Sao Paulo Motor Show is biannual and is the biggest auto show in Latin America. Hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the show has been going on since 1960. Because of its internationalized status, it’s a huge event for car companies. Nissan, with all its innovation and global thinking, always has big things planned for it.

This year, one of the highlights of the Nissan line-up will be the Nissan Kicks. This South American-inspired flare-mobile will making its flashy way down the road in potentially all markets worldwide. It’s a car designed with a global mentality, according to Nissan.

Even so, the paint is all South American. The colors were chosen and inspired by cities Rio and Sao Paulo. The satin titanium finish paired with an eye-catching orange trim brings some noticeable life to the vehicle. As it’s a concept thus far, it probably won’t have a paint job like this when it’s in production; but, it would still be cool to see a few of these going down the road here.

If the Kicks hits the global market after we see the Nissan Kicks concept at the Sao Paulo Motor Show, Jim Harte Nissan customers will be the first to know. For more auto show news from Nissan, be sure to check our blog every week!

Best Global Brands List Demonstrates Nissan Brand’s Remarkable Growth

Nissan BrandEvery year, branding analysis firm Interbrand compiles its Best Global Brands List in order to show how global companies are performing. The list is designed to show trends, like which companies are growing, which ones aren’t. Included in the criteria they use are brand recognition, surveys about the brand, and many others.

 This year’s list reveals that Nissan is undeniably maturing. The automaker leapt nine places, from 65th to 56th. “Placement,” as Torque News explains, “is not as important as brand growth overall.” In other words, since the list includes very different companies, in very different sectors, placement is not all that important.

 But as far as overall growth, Nissan grew an impressive 23 percent. This puts it in a class with extremely reputable global brands like Amazon and Apple. When you consider that this list is “one of the most watched lists of corporate value,” according to Torque News, you shouldn’t see the end of Nissan’s growth for many, many years.

 Discover more reasons why Nissan made this year’s Best Global Brands List by visiting Jim Harte Nissan today and checking out our remarkable lineup!

Nissan’s Top amid Full-Line Automakers in EPA Fuel Economy Trends Report

Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency releases its fuel economy Trends Report, which details the average efficiency of automakers’ full model lineups. For the 2014 Report, Nissan scored an impressive 26.2 combined mpg average. It was so impressive, actually, that no other full-line automaker in the United States scored higher.

“Reaching this point is a direct result of a dedicated company-wide effort to scrutinize every aspect of each new model to extract the most fuel efficiency possible,” said Pierre Loing, Nissan North America vice president of Product Planning.

“Our engineers and designers have worked hard to get us here, and we look to continuously improve fuel efficiency of our models to face the challenges of future regulations while surpassing customer expectations.”

The report includes EPA mileage estimates for model year 2013 vehicles. If 26.2 mpg is the average for 2013, we at Jim Harte Nissan can’t wait to see what the average efficiency is for 2014 models.

In the meantime, let us know if you have questions about the fuel economy of a particular vehicle in Nissan’s current lineup. Happy cruising!

24 Hours of Le Mans: Nissan Nismo will be Returning to its Roots

Nismo is going to take on the 24 Hours of Le Mans again!

Nismo is going to take on the 24 Hours of Le Mans again!

Nissan’s Nismo motorsports/high-performance division always seems like it’s just getting started, as though it were always fresh, new, and full of creative ideas. Staying fresh and relevant is an impressive feat when you’ve already got 30 years of experience and successes under your belt.

Nismo was founded in 1984 with an exclusive focus on motorsports. The initial goal was an overall victory in 24 Hours of Le Mans, but it expanded over the years. Its cars or engines have participated in JSPC, Formula Nippon, JTCC, 24 Hours of Daytona, and currently participate in Super GT, V8 Supercars, GT3 European Championship, and World Endurance Championship, with numerous successes having come along the way.

In later years, the motorsport’s arm also turned to offering performance packages to Nissan road cars, and recently started making appearance on the badge as well—the Nismo 370z and upcoming GT-R Nismo come to mind.

Today, Nismo wants to go back to where it all started: 24 Hours of Le Mans. Though it has had quite a lot of success in the LM P2 class, it never got that elusive LM P1 win back in the 80s. Next year, it’ll be back with a new car and new drivers to take the fight to Audi, Porsche, and Toyota. We look forward to it at Jim Harte Nissan!

3 Best Road Trips for Fall Colors

Best Road Trips for fall colorsWho doesn’t love fall? All things pumpkin, cozy evenings, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, and, of course, scenic drives to enjoy the yellows, oranges, and reds of turning leafs. The right drive can lead you into a wonderland of fresh air, blue skies, and awe-inspiring views. We have great fall colors here in New England, but here are some great road trips for enjoying the turn of the season away from home.

Independence Pass, Aspen, CO

The Rocky Mountains are home to some of the most scenic drives year-round, but fall is especially beautiful.  Begin your journey about ten miles outside of Aspen, and head toward Maroon Bells (two of the most majestic mountains in the country). If you’re up for an adventure, park your car and take on one of the many hiking trails, which vary from beginner to advanced. If time allows, head north for 40 miles on Route 82 to Glenwood Springs. The view is certainly worth the drive, and you can finish your adventure with a soak in the town’s famous hot springs.

Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

Begin on I-75 at Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, and head for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The 369-mile stretch allows you to drive for a few hours, or make it a weekend trip. The wild areas of the Upper Peninsula offer unbelievable views of the wild, unpopulated North. Don’t forget to visit Tahquamenon Falls State Park, which is home to the third-biggest waterfall east of the Mississippi River and offers just about any outdoor activity you can imagine. If you’re really brave, head back in a few months for winter camping!

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

“America’s favorite drive” begins in Asheville, North Carolina, and heads toward the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Just north of Cherokee, NC, you’ll find the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is one of the most scenic areas on the Appalachian Trail, offering fascinating views and a variety shops, restaurants, and outdoor activities.

Ready to hit the road, but don’t have a reliable car to get you there? Stop by Jim Harte Nissan today!

Nissan Promotes National Drive Electric Week with its Popular Nissan LEAF

LEAF Sales National Drive Electric WeekIn honor of National Drive Electric Week, Nissan and the Nissan LEAF will be sponsoring more than 130 grassroots event around the world. What is this week all about, you ask? Business Wire explains, “National Drive Electric Week, formerly National Plug In Day, started in 2011 as a series of local events aimed at spreading the word about plug-in vehicles.”

Just in time for the festivities to begin, Nissan has reached over 60,000 sales of the entirely-electric Nissan LEAF in the US alone. It is the perfect vehicle to promote all electric driving, especially with the vehicle’s recent success. Nissan’s EV Marketing director, Toby Perry, says through “events across the country, drivers of Nissan LEAF and other electric cars will get together to spread the word about the benefits of driving electric – lower operating costs, zero tailpipe emissions and they are just fun to drive.”

Get on board the green movement and switch to the world’s best-selling electric car today at Jim Harte Nissan!